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Järvetipu residential area

BlueSky’s next development is Järvetipu residential, located in Haabersti. This is a preliminary information page. We are planning to start stage I of the development in July 2017.

General information

Järvetipu residential area is located in Haabersti, by the Rannamõisa road (Rõugu street, Vihu street, Sagari street, Kubu street). Development is located 2km from the Rocca al Mare shopping center and 1km from the Kakumäe Selver.

Our practice is to develop residential areas in their entirety. This means that all houses are designed with a single architectural style and we build the whole residential area with a turnkey solution (including parks/playgrounds, gardens, landscaping at residential plots, etc.). This helps to avoid situations where something inappropriate is built in the neighborhood or something is left unfinished.

Single-family homes are designed with tiled roofs and combined timber/stone facades. We have previously developed several similarly styled residential areas (see References). Our houses are heatproof and sustainable stone houses (geothermal heating, heat recovery ventilation). Heating costs of B-class energy houses are very low.

We will build our residential areas in three stages:

Stage I (2017/2018) – 28 single-family homes
Stage II (2018/2020) – 4 apartment houses
Stage III (2019/2020) – 4 row houses and 19 single-family homes

Detailed plan is amended for stages II and III of the development. Planning is in process, this means that the planning solutions may change.

Location, layout plan



Lähiümbrus (360x254)

Layout plan


Layout plan (Stage I)

Asendiplaan, I etapp, lõigatud_vaike(kodukale) 360x254


Type A (3 bedrooms, 150m2)

Type B (3 bedrooms, 147m2)

Type C (4 bedrooms, 203m2)

Type D (4 bedrooms, 184m2)

Type E-4T (4 bedrooms, 187m2)

Type E-5t (5 bedrooms, 187m2)

The price list

Pos.AddressPlotType of buildingDescriptionNet areaPrice *Price per m²
1Sagari tn 9987E-5t5 br.187395 0002 110
2Sagari tn 11981C4 br.203395 0001 940
3Sagari tn 13946E-5t5 br.187385 0002 060
4Sagari tn 15983E-4t4 br.187380 0002 030
5Sagari tn 17933D4 br.184375 0002 040
6Sagari tn 19919E-5t5 br.187375 0002 010


Sagari tn 21



4 br.



8Sagari tn 23923D4 br.184370 0002 010


Sagari tn 25



3 br.



10Sagari tn 271 061A3 br.150325 0002 160
11Vihu tn 10988B3 br.147335 0002 270
12Vihu tn 121 022A3 br.150325 0002 160


Vihu tn 14

1 056


3 br.



14Vihu tn 161 045B3 br.147320 0002 170


Vihu tn 18

1 030


3 br.



16Vihu tn 201 027A3 br.150315 0002 090


Vihu tn 22



3 br.




Vihu tn 24

1 023


4 br.



19Vihu tn 261 160D4 br..184355 0001 930
20Vihu tn 91 409C4 br.203455 0002 240
21Vihu tn 111 329C4 br.203440 0002 160
22Vihu tn 131 273D4 br.184425 0002 310
23Vihu tn 151 226E-5t5 br.187425 0002 270
24Vihu tn 171 398C4 br.203445 0002 190


Vihu tn 19

1 627


4 br.



26Vihu tn 21965C4 br.203390 0001 920
27Vihu tn 21a1 541C4 br.203445 0002 190
28Vihu tn 23947D4 br.184370 0002 010

* – We reserve the right to change the price list without prior notice.


Foundation Strip foundation.
External walls Bauroc block 500mm.
Internal walls Lightweight block 100–200mm (smaller parts of the wall may be gypsum walls).
Roof Timber truss structure, blown wool, Benders Palema stone or analogue (brown).
Inserted ceiling Hollow core slab.
Facade Wienerberger facade stone (Terca terracotta brushed or analogue), coloured mix.
Wooden boards (different colours), rainwater system.
Socle unfinished concrete block.
Windows, balcony doors Triple glass selective wooden windows (brown).
Doors Wooden main door (brown), locking: Assa 565 analogue.
Garage sectional door (brown).
Wooden fire barrier interior door, locking: Assa 565 analogue.
Oak coated interior doors (Haapsalu Uksetehas’s design doors Polaris or analogue), wooden door slats.
The Sauna room door is made from glass.
Stairs 2-storey buildings: wooden (oak) steps on metal construction, glass handrails. Outdoor staircase is tiled (gray, retail price up to EUR 10/m²).
Terrace Wooden boarding (brown).
Heating Geothermal heating (Buderus heat pump, which also heats the domestic hot water, 1-storey house 6kW, 2-storey house 8kW), water underfloor heating.
Ventilation Central ventilation (SystemAir VTR300 heat recovery unit or analogue).
Water and canalisation Gustavsberg Artic and Hansgrohe Talis E2 series or analogous series techniques, plastic tub. Fitted connections for washing machine and irrigation water.
Stormwater Roof stormwater is dispersed into the ground.
Electricity Main fuse 3×20A. Schneider Sedna series (or analogue) switches and sockets (gray). Garage sectional door, gate automation and backyard lighting readiness.
Low current Readiness (without devices): alarm system, TV, computer communication (inside the dwelling), opportunity to control floor heating from the rooms, home cinema rear speakers in the living room, communications sewerage in the street zone.
Ceilings Puttied, painted.
Walls Plastered, puttied, painted (light tones, A/1 tone class).
Floors Oak board parquet (retail price of 30 EUR/m²), floor toned baseboards. Floors of entry and first floor wardrobe are tiled (retail price up to 20 EUR/m²).
Sanitary facilities Tiled floors and walls (retail price up to 20 EUR/m²), tiled floor in the anteroom, tiled floor in the smaller WC and also the wall behind the toilet bowl.
Sauna Alder boards, 8kW electric heater.
Garage Puttied and painted walls and ceilings (light tones, A/1 tone class), unfinished concrete floor.
Boundary fence Wooden board fence at the carriageway side (stone fence posts), side and rear fence is a 1.2m net.
Stone paths Concrete stone square in front of the house and roads at the ends of the house (around 1m in width).
Lawn Ground planning, installation of soil min 50mm, grass seed sowing (permitted fluctuation range of the ground within 1m² : 50mm).
Energy class Class B.
Roads and lighting Asphalted roads and street lighting (handed over to Tallinn City or an NGO formed by the property owners).
Sink worktop Tiled sink worktop and mirror in the bathroom (in 2-storey houses also in the smaller WC).
The following are not included in the price: Fireplace, chimney, sanitary facilities of kitchen and anteroom, kitchen windowsill, lamps, sauna stones, cornices, wardrobe glass walls of buildings Type B and C.
Transaction costs: Notary fee and the state fee shall be paid by the Buyer.


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