Home on the border of the city

The Peetri borough and its adjacent Järveküla village are an increasingly popular residential area with good infrastructure, characterized by the spatial and design features of a modern urban space.

We are planning to develop a residential area with almost 800 new homes here, which will be built in three stages. In the first stage of development, we will build 49 private houses, 6 semi-detached houses and 26 terraced houses. The first new building in the development area has been completed, which is the Kindluse School, opened in the autumn of 2020.

We plan to start I stage construction and sales in the summer of 2022.

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Home for people with a fast-paced life-style

From a logistical standpoint, Järveküla residential area offers a great location – on the outskirts of Tallinn with fast and convenient options to travel in any direction.

It is ideal for families who appreciate the availability of social services close to home and the proximity to the city.

Modern convenience

Well insulated stone houses with stone roofs and combined wood/stone facades, whose energy efficiency is ensured by geothermal heating and heat recovery ventilation.

Architecturally unified residential area, developed exclusively with quality in mind.

Houses with a timeless design, built with a special emphasis on spaciousness, comfort and carefully considered room plans.

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